Two Day Girlfriend

A middle schooler gets a little overexcited about a still short-lived romance.

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Curbside waiting for the yellow school bus
School bus
Nobody else that morning, just the two of us
Two of us
Our eyes locked and she smiled at me
I hiccuped and held back a sneeze
She's my two day girlfriend
Two days she's been with me

Passing each other in the hallway on my way to
Science class
And though she glances away I know that is soon to
Soon to pass
'Cause later after assembly
She says she might hold hands with me
She’s my two day girlfriend
And we’re happy as can be

I used to hate romantic types
But I didn’t know what love was like
Better than I ever thought it’d be

Sitting alone upon the fold-out bleachers palms pressed
to my head
Trying to figure out what might have kept her later
Then we said
I miss the days when I was free
So it’s back to bachelorhood for me
But she was my, my two day girlfriend
Two days of history
Two days of history