Homesick for Nothing

Having no home to go back to doesn't mean you can't still get homesick.

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Crimson dyes and peacock eyes
Dance by as I drift down these saffron roads and silver streets
I cast a milky gaze into the haze
Out past the minarets and onion domes
Across the sea...

Thoughts keep circling back around
To that cemetery town
I’m homesick for nothing so it seems
Though I prayed to get away
From the dust and the decay
I’m homesick for nothing all the same

Spice and tea and tandoori
Exploding in a rainbow potpourri
Smells that spark the senses to a pitch
Yet nothing seems to ease this aching stitch

Still my mind drifts off again
To those withered hills and plains
I’m homesick for nothing so it seems
How could I begin to want
To return to that sorry haunt?
I’m homesick for nothing...

Twilight creeps on hotel sheets
Stirring idle embers back to flame
So I settle low and try and stow
Away the knot that knows I am alone

Those hearthy arms that warmed me so
They fell frigid long ago
I’m homesick for nothing so it seems
Why now then should I still crave
The haven of that four-post grave?
I’m homesick for nothing