October Song of the Month: Carbon Copy Lady

A less-than-original blues song that criticizes unoriginality.

Ink splatter art by my sister, Sondra:


Carbon copy lady
In that carbon copy coat
I can see you’re drinking Pepsi
Might as well be drinking Coke
You got carbonation fizzing from your hat and your dress
Carbonated words on carbonated breath
Carbon copy lady
Ain’t no original left

Carbon copy man
In that carbon copy suit
Oh you say you’re eco-friendly?
But all you do is pollute
I’m reading carbon emissions on that sheet rock smile
You got them fossil fuels burning just to stay in style
Carbon copy man
You’ll burn to ash in a while

You seventh generation
Preservation of the second rate
You know your act's so prehistoric that
It's old enough to carbon date

Carbon copied copies
In the carbon copy store
If all you copy is a copy
What’s all the copying for?
If you gotta copy something try original sin
At least you’d know where the hell the sin begin
Carbon copy lady
You’re just so paper thin