This is a partial portfolio of some of my film scoring work. I am available for hire (message me in the connect page).

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I have a long history of scoring films. Even before I was a singer-songwriter, I was writing music for student films and other video projects. I am comfortable in many styles ranging from symphonic, to acoustic, to electronica, to jazz (see the Stylistic Range page for samples of each). I use East West's massive "Composer Cloud" for the majority of my samples.

So Damn Glad

"So Damn Glad" is a short documentary by Justin Lubke about Ron Losee, a spirited small town doctor that pioneered a number of surgical treatments for common orthopedic injuries.


Cowboy Crickets Kickstarter Campaign

This was a video I self-produced for an edible cricket farm in Bozeman, MT.

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"Delibes' Pizzicatti" is a 19th century piece of classical music, and part of the public domain. However, high quality, royalty-free recordings of this and similar classical pieces are difficult to find and license. So instead of purchasing a recording of the piece, I just reproduced it myself using my own sound libraries. This has the added benefit of making the composition totally customizable. In this case, I altered the length of certain sections of the music so it would time up perfectly with my edit.

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"American Marimba" is an example of a "soundalike" composition. I edited this section to music from "American Beauty." Of course, I would have never been able to license the actual American Beauty music for my own use, so instead, I created this composition with a similar tempo, instrumentation, and rhythmic elements. Soundalike compositions like this can be very useful when you've already found a piece of music that fits the tone you want for your video, but you know you won't be able to license the track.


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For the last section of the video, I used the instrumental cut of one of my Patreon songs. I have a number of tracks like this already produced and prepped for quick licensing.


Stand Up for Public Lands TV Spot