October Song of the Month: Movies

A nostalgic piece about two restless teenagers struggling to pass the time and fend off impending boredom.

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Lounging behind the mall
We take whatever we can get
Slowing the fall
By dragging on a cigarette

No plan and no scheme
Just living the dream
And killing fifteen quoting movies

In the passenger seat
Driving down the highway just for fun
A dashboard CD
Reflects the noonday sun

We speed round a curve
Pretending to swerve
The day is a blur quoting movies

Nothing really to do
The entertainments are few
Well, we try to make due, but restlessness somehow seeps through

Bursting with energy
Tiring of company
Trying to run from ennui but never quite breaking free

Sinking into the couch
With a six pack and a bag of chips
A lazy man slouch
Junk food tongue and salty lips

Bad dick jokes and names
And video games
Just more of the same quoting movies