September Song of the Month: Apologies

Some apologies just make you feel worse.

I also made a video of me recording an abridged version of the song:


You call and you say
That you’re sorry
It's been a busy day
That’s ok

And I like to see you tryin’
But you're just apologizin’
To yourself
Not me

You know I don't mind
If you're all worn out
You aren't out of line
And I'm just fine

It's not like I'm here a-cryin'
So you're just apologizin'
To yourself
Not me

When you tell me you've let me down
I don't feel like you know me at all
I just like having you hang around
Can't you see that's all I need?

Some problems don't exist
'Till you make them so
And somehow from all this
I feel missed

'Cause you're not perceiving my end
You are just apologizin’
To yourself
Not me