March Song of the Month: My Little Porcupine

If Tim Burton ever directed an animal-themed James Bond movie and set it in Paris, this might have been the theme song.

Really, the main thing to takeaway is don't pet porcupines.

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My little porcupine, are you kind?
Beneath all your spines?
Should I try and pet you, would you mind?

My little porcupine, you’re no fool
The world can be cruel
But I’m not here to hurt you

My little porcupine

My little porcupine, you seem blue
And I want to help you
But I’m afraid of injury, it’s true

My little porcupine, since we met
You don’t seem like a threat
But what do you become when you’re upset?

My little porcupine

A prick on the finger once in awhile
Even a barb in the side now and then
Nothing I wouldn’t brave for a smile
Can I trust you to be my friend?
Can I trust you to be my friend?

My little porcupine
Porcupine, etc..